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    Burgers, steaks, salads, and more delicious American food in Chalmette, Louisiana.

    Full bar - beer, wine, mixed drinks. Non-smoking bar.

    Open Tuesday - Sunday.

  • Menu

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    Mozzarella sticks - Deep fried to a golden brown & served with marinara sauce (6) - $5.99


    Jalapeno Poppers - Deep fried jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheddar cheese (6) - $5.85


    Crawfish Pies - Scrumptious finger sized pies (5) - $5.95


    Sampler - Two each of the mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, and crawfish pies - $5.95


    Spinach and Artichoke Dip - Spinach, artichoke, and melted cheese all blended into a delicious dip. Served with tortilla chips. - $5.99


    Boudin Egg Rolls - Pick your choice of 4 or 8 of this delicious appetizer served with Sweet Chili Sauce - $4.99 (4) or $7.89 (8)


    Onion Rings - A large basket of tasty fried onion rings - $6.29


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    Burgers & Baskets

    All burgers and baskets are available with one side item

    Additional charges for sweet potato fries, onion rings, loaded baked potatoes and cheese fries.

    Brewster Burger - 10 ounces of fresh ground sirloin that's been molded into the burger of your dreams, chargrilled into a succulent masterpiece, and placed on a toasted bun (of your choice) with a hardy helping of cheese. With lettuce, tomato, onions and pickle. Served with one side item. - $10.99


    Baby burger - A quarter pound version of your dream burger served with one side item. - $8.29


    Chicken Strip Basket - Three juicy chicken strips fried and served with one side plus a sauce of your choice. - $10.29


    Shrimp Basket - A half pound of fried shrimp served with one side item and tarter or cocktail sauce. - $11.69


    Catfish basket - Four delicious fried catfish strips served with your choice of one side and tarter or cocktail sauce. - $9.99

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    Our fresh salads make great appetizers, sides, or can be a meal by themselves. Enjoy!

    Dinner Salad - A small bed of lettuce topped with tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, croutons and bacon bits. - $3.99


    House Salad - A dinner salad on steroids and topped with cheddar cheese. - $8.99


    Chef Salad - A large salad topped with diced ham, egg, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, black olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, croutons, and bacon bits - $12.99


    Hail Caesar, the Salad - Fresh Romaine lettuce and croutons, tossed in our delicious Caesar dressing then lightly sprinkled with Parmesan cheese - $7.49


    Chicken Salad - A juicy 8oz chicken breast sliced and tossed over the House Salad - $11.99

    (Available with additional chicken breast for $3.99)


    Shrimp Salad - A half pound of fried shrimp on top of a hearty house salad - $12.69


    Salmon Salad - A delicious 8oz salmon filet cooked to your liking and placed on the house salad - $15.89


    Tuna Salad - The large house salad topped with a 8oz Yellow Fin tuna filet - $13.89


    Steak Salad - RibEye steak cooked to order and sliced on top of the house salad - $15.89


    Mahi Mahi Salad - 8 oz Mahi Mahi cooked to order and placed on top of a fresh house salad. - $15.29


    Chicken Caesar Salad - 8oz chicken breast on top of the fresh Hail Caesar salad - $11.99


    Dressings: Blue Cheese, Caesar, French, Honey Mustard, Italian, Lite Italian, Oil & Vinegar, Ranch, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Thousand Island


    **All salads are available as Caesar salads**


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    Dinners from the Grill

    Served with garlic bread and your choice of one side: a regular baked potato (butter, chives, bacon bits), French fries, dinner salad, dinner Caesar salad, jambalaya, potato salad, green beans, homemade chili, mashed red potatoes, or sweet potato mash.

    Substitute onion rings, sweet potato fries or cheese fries for an additional charge.

    Load your baked potato with cheese and sour cream for an additional $0.50 each.

    Filet Mignon - The house's best, charbroiled to your heart's desire. A 10 ounce tender, juicy delight for your palate. - $24.99


    T-Bone Steak - A delectable 16oz tender steak sure to leave you satisfied - $23.29


    New York Strip - 12oz New York Strip seasoned and cooked to order - $19.49


    14 ounce Rib Eye - Almost a pound of delicious steak cooked to your liking and seasoned perfectly - $18.49


    8 ounce Rib Eye - A smaller version of the delicious Rib Eye - $15.49


    10 ounce Hamburger Steak - Topped with onions and gravy - $11.99


    Charbroiled Chicken - A 8 ounce chicken breast grilled to perfection and served with our special sauce - $11.49


    Cordon Bleu - A 8 ounce chicken breast topped with grilled ham and melted Swiss cheese -$12.49


    Pork Chop Steak - Thick, boneless 8 ounce pork chop - $12.99


    Salmon - A delicious 8 ounce Salmon paired with a delicious sauce from the kitchen - $15.29


    Yellowfin Tuna - 8 ounce Tuna filet topped with lemon and served with sauce from the kitchen - $13.99


    Mahi Mahi - 8 ounce Mahi Mahi cooked how you like it with lemon and our delicious sauce - $15.29


    *All dinners come with two pieces of garlic bread and one side item*

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    All served on a toasted bun of your choice: white, wheat, sourdough or jalapeno cheddar. Dressed with lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles. (Mayo will come on any sandwiches order for take out.)

    Brewster Burger - 10 ounces - $7.29


    Baby Burger - 4 ounces - $4.69


    Cajun Pineapple Sausage - 2 sausage links - $5.99


    BLT - Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato - $6.29


    Grilled Ham sandwich - 6 piece of grilled ham - $4.99


    Chicken Breast sandwich - 8 ounce chicken breast - $7.99


    Cordon Bleu sandwich - 8 ounce chicken breast topped with grilled ham and melted Swiss cheese - $8.99


    Pork Chop Sandwich - 8 ounce pork chop butterflied - $7.99


    Yellowfin Tuna Sandwich - 8 ounce tuna - $10.69


    Salmon Sandwich - 8 ounce salmon - $11.69


    Steak Sandwich - 8 ounce Rib Eye - $11.69


    Mahi Mahi Sandwich - 8 ounce Mahi Mahi - $11.69


    Chicken strip sandwich - $6.99


    Shrimp sandwich - a half pound of fried shrimp - $8.99


    *All sandwiches can be topped with bacon, avocado, jalapenos, sauteed mushrooms and/or grilled onions for an extra charge*



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    Side Items

    French Fries - $3.29

    Cheese Fries (available with nacho or shredded cheese) - $3.99

    Chili Cheese Fries - $4.49

    Baked potato (with butter, bacon bits, chives) - $ 3.99

    Baked potato loaded (butter, cheese, bacon bits, chives, sour cream) - $4.99

    Sweet Potato Fries - $3.99

    Onion Rings - $3.49

    Jambalaya small - $3.69

    Potato Salad - $3.29

    Chili small - $3.69

    Green beans - $2.99

    Dinner Salad - $3.99

    Mashed Red Potatoes - $3.29

    Mashed Sweet Potatoes - $3.29







  • Brewster's Restaurant and Lounge

    Fun - Food - Spirits

    Located in the heart of Chalmette for over 25 years, Brewster's aims to please customers by serving the best food in the parish while giving their patrons an excellent dining experience.


    Brewster's is a family-oriented restaurant that offers a variety of menu items for all to enjoy. Whether you are getting lunch with your co-workers, eating dinner with your family, getting drinks with friends, or watching your favorite sports team, this is the place for you.

    Brewster's has a full service bar attached to the restaurant for those wanting a cocktail.

    *The restaurant and bar both have full food and drink menus available.


    Need a spot to eat and get some work done? We have you covered! Free wi-fi is available throughout the restaurant and lounge.

    Brewster's is completely smoke-free as of January 2014.



  • From the Chef's Table

    Kind words from our awesome guests

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    "Incredible burgers cooked to perfection at a great price. You can't go wrong with Brewster's."

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    "The Brewster burger was delicious. The service was great."

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    "The food was great, and the service was the best. .. I love everything about this place."

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    "Great burgers. Perfectly cooked steak! Friendly staff!"

  • Location

    8751 W. Judge Perez Dr., Chalmette, LA 70043

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    If you're interested in becoming a part of our team please send an email to brewsterschalmette@gmail.com with a resume/information and what job you're interested in.

    8751 W. Judge Perez Dr.
    Chalmette, LA 70043
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    Closed on Mondays
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